Handmade Paper


Don Bosco Paper Enterprise was established during the summer of 2006 in the coastal city of Nuevo Chimbote, aims to provide work to people living in that area.

Nowadays, it ensures the work of a few dozen young people divided into two groups: those adults who work full time who can now support their families, and school-aged children who spend their free time in an environment away from the dangers of the street, while at the same time, contributing to their family’s income.





The most innovative aspect of this initiative is the mill, which can produce high-quality handmade paper able to compete with the most renowned centers of European and North-American papermakers. The technical support of professionals from the Italian towns of Fabriano and Maslianico (two of the oldest and most renowned paper-production centers) guarantee a high-quality product.




carta-a-mano-nelle-ande-letterpress-5bThe products offered to cover the entire range of high-quality paper and the resulting variations using Cartotecnica and graphics:

Fine Art Papers


Scrapbooking Paper

among products available in our store and more which can be ordered. Please, visit the website to learn more and see all the range of products: Handmade Paper in the Andes.