Volunteer with us

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All the work we have done and still do is possible thanks to thousands of volunteers who work in Italy to support the missions and to more than 500 who work directly with the people in the projects in South America.

It is important for us involve more volunteers to keep doing and improving our work for the most needy.


Support furniture sales at the store in Baltimore:

  • Advertise in public spaces, restaurants, tourist agencies, magazines, newspapers and the word of mouth.
  • Organize and run events such as: furniture shows, fairs, small or large-scale exhibitions.
  • Promote and improve our Website and Social Medias – they always need to be updated with new content, both written and photographic.

Support our ongoing projects in South America:

  • Help and organize fundraising events such as car washes, yard sales, benefit happy hours and dinners, sport tournaments, etc.
  • Work with others to raise money: we do jobs like painting, gardening and distributing flyers.
  • Travel to South America and help in our missions. The experience to see and do it all: meet the volunteers dedicating their lives to the cause in remote villages, and give a little sweat in the different programs.


Don’t hesitate to call, visit or email if you are interested in offering your time helping.